Marketing Services

One part chemistry lab. One part matchmaker.

Whether you simply need a project handled or are re-booting your brand from scratch, One Degree is the marketing communications agency founded on your goals: creating intense and profitable bonds between you and your customer. And while every engagement is different, our approach is always the same. We start by digesting your objectives, customer profile and buying behavior, corporate assets as well as chinks in the armor, and apply pressure where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. To produce work that rests on indestructible strategy, compelling storytelling, arresting design and, in most cases, technology that is at once powerful and invisible.


Brand Strategy

Your brand is not simply a logo or naming exercise. Brand strategy is the fundamental underpinning of your business; your very reason for being, your value proposition, and point of differentiation. Our job is to mine the essence of your brand, validate that it makes business sense, and equally that it provokes an emotional reaction from your ideal prospects. Once that’s clear (and it rarely is) we will help you bring that brand experience to life. 


Brand Design

A brand’s identity — its visual, verbal, experiential expression — is a little like looking at work by Picasso or deKooning. You know it’s important, but it’s hard to put into words exactly why. Well, we can help you with that. The imagery, language, design and UX we develop to represent and distinguish your brand — to help create brand preference — will also help you create something even more powerful. Brand lust. The foundation of many happy relationships.


Websites & Digital

Your website is often your most valuable marketing asset; a place where prospects come knocking, to learn, try, even buy. It’s open 24 x 7 x 365. And while digital and mobile technologies have given consumers unprecedented access, your website remains one of the few places where you can still maintain control while achieving that intimacy. From there, it just makes sense to consider all the other digital channels that touch your audience or help them get in touch with you.


Communications Strategy

Defining and executing a clear marketing communication plan requires real understanding of your target audience or audiences and their needs, a lot of cross-media and technology know-how, and the ability and experience to herd cats (also known as: getting multiple stakeholders with multiple agendas on the same page at the same time). But once you have a powerful communication strategy in place, it’s like having GPS to guide your marketing. Which, of course, makes cats happy.



Effective advertising requires the synthesis of everything that can be learned about your potential consumers: who and where they are, where they go for information, what they care about. At One Degree, we don’t believe there’s a formula for advertising (X tweets + Y TV spots x Z newsletters = success). Every client, product and audience is different. Our job — what brand chemistry is — is developing the unique formula for reaching your audience most efficiently, effectively and poignantly.


Content Creation

There’s a current line of thinking that goes: the only thing that works is social media endorsement, and everything else is a waste of time and money. To that we politely say, hogwash. People read and watch what interests them. Sometimes it’s a blog or Facebook post, and sometimes it’s a whacky video. If you build it (and it’s engaging as hell), they will come. We call it persuasive content — stuff that is so relevant and authentic, your target will actively seek it out. And, even better, pass it on. 

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