The Lab

Where chemistry and engineering collide.

Insight, creativity and technology are the elements of brand chemistry. Insight and creativity combine to initiate a reaction, but today it’s technology that’s almost always the catalyst. So we must be masters of interactive technologies for web, mobile and all manner of internet-enabled devices, or we’re not making connections where your audience lives, works and plays.

We believe in elegant technology every bit as much as we do evocative design. So, we deliver engaging digital experiences, whatever their role in your marketing mix.



We build websites and everything that connects to them.

  • CMS-driven websites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Web apps 


Mobile Everything

Solutions for multiple mobile platforms, especially smartphones and tablets.

  • Mobile app development
  • Mobile-enabled websites
  • HTML 5



Smart, internet-enabled applications that work in multiple environments. 

  • Rich internet applications (RIA)
  • Cloud-enabled apps
  • Kiosks & desktop applications


Technology Consulting

Technical consulting and technology research to clarify your options.

  • Vendor/service/platform guidance
  • Project planning and scoping
  • Technical training


Business Requirements

Review of your business and workflow to identify challenges and solutions.

  • Technical business needs analysis
  • RFP development
  • Workflow analysis


UI Prototyping

Planning and prototyping processes to help level-set quickly and effectively.

  • Active wireframes
  • Project prototyping
  • Visual system/workflow modeling

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