I work in a business where it’s assumed that throwing dollars at a production is the equivalent of a good idea; the more money you spend, the fancier the effects, the more recognizable the voice over is, the better the idea becomes.

As I’ve gotten older (and perhaps wiser) I’ve come to realize that this is pure hogwash. There are obvious exceptions, and I can recall a long list of spectacularly produced spots that I could watch endlessly and never, ever tire of them. This brilliant little video, however, is a perfect example of the blinding power of a good idea, in spite of the simplicity of its execution. In fact, if this piece was of suitable length to run on TV, and was placed among all the over-produced, sophomoric crap that makes up 90% of the commercials running today, I’d be willing to bet that this humble, yet incredibly powerful production would be the one everyone was talking about the next day. Not to mention the likelihood of the phrase “How about a cup of tea?” becoming a part of popular culture…with an entirely different meaning.

I guess what I’m saying is that the idea should always come first. If it’s great, it doesn’t matter how you dress it. People will stop and pay attention. They’ll remember it. More than that, they’ll tell others about it.

Alright then. I think it’s just about time for a cup of tea.