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Epic Sciences is at the forefront of precision medicine — discovering the right therapies for the right person at the right time. Founded in 2008, Epic has built an amazing platform for analyzing blood at the single-cell level. Collaborating with leading investigators and bio-pharma partners, they have built an engine that capitalizes on biological science, imaging technology and machine learning. Their ability to detect irregular cells and provide a real-time view of a patient’s cancer, gives doctors powerful predictive tests and patients a previously unachievable level of certainty as they face the cagiest of enemies: cancer. 


Understanding the dynamics of cancer at a cellular level requires the close collaboration and cross-pollination of chemists, biologists, big-data crunchers, clinical researchers, software and imaging engineers, and pattern-recognition specialists. This combination had also resulted in a less-than-crisp statement of their vision and mission. And, a really complicated and institutional public image. 

But, Epic wants to change the face of cancer and rare diseases in the world. So, raising money and conducting more and larger research, is an ever-present imperative. They sought a more accurate and emotive pitch to support these goals.


The strategic framework shifted Epic’s brand positioning to the benefit of its science: creating certainty for caregivers and their patients. (It also addresses the central concern of bio-pharma partners and payers, namely delivery of actionable outcomes.)

Creatively, that meant putting a human face on the company. The ultimate effort included a new visual identity, content-rich website, e-templates, scientific posters, and investor pitch documents. While the vast production took some crafty negotiating, delivering the heart and soul of Epic was easy. The folks at Epic never forget why they come to work each morning: to revolutionize the testing and treatment for rare diseases worldwide. 

The new materials and campaign launched in January 2018.

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