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Epic Sciences is at the forefront of precision medicine — finding the right therapies for the right person at the right time. Founded in 2008, Epic has thus far concentrated their efforts on cancer; a disease that is always evolving and is composed of many different cell types. Thus, understanding how to accurately treat a patient requires an ability to see the full range of aberrant cells that may be present in a patient’s blood stream at any given point in time. Epic’s unique combination of biological science, imaging technology and machine learning detects irregular cells and provides a real-time view of a patient’s cancer. They then develop predictive tests that enable oncologists to determine, with certainty, the most effect treatments for these metastatic cancer patients.

Categorically, Epic is very science-driven, but they are also very patient-driven. Thus, One Degree was brought in to transform Epic’s brand image from a highly technical company to one guided by the humanity in their purpose. Having an impact on clinical outcomes is a goal shared by everyone at Epic, and is the ultimate result of their approach, so it was vital that we give them a human face, and position their technology as the means to an end, rather than the company focus.

This effort began with a new brand identity, but has a more evident impact on its website which we redesigned from the ground up, and includes imagery of those affected by cancer — patients and their loved ones.

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Brand Identity

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