Fisk Alloy

Fisk faces a marketing challenge common in the manufacturing industry; when their products leave their plant, they’re routed through a set of secondary processes carried out by other vendors — coating, in this case — prior to delivery to the design engineer. As such, their brand is lost the moment it heads out the door.

The “Engineers are Different” campaign was developed to leap-frog this process by reaching out directly to design engineers, creating awareness and shaping perceptions of the true Fisk brand, thus increasing preference for their products. The advertising idea — that at heart most engineers have an irresistible urge to break things and put them back together — attested to Fisk’s understanding of their ideal prospect, the innovative R&D engineer. The Fisk brand strategy, Wire Engineers, was thus leveraged to connect with a new audience and transmit a kinship culturally and literally in terms of Fisk’s ongoing investment in new product design and manufacturing techniques. The idea drilled down to the product level, ultimately driving readers to the products section of Fisk’s website.

This effort was augmented by vertical industry e-mail and webinar marketing programs to target the aerospace and defense industries, automotive and medical device manufacturers, and the robotics industry. Here we used concrete performance data to showcase how Fisk’s engineering mindset and relentless innovation paid off in application-specific advantages for OEMs.


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Fisk Alloy Case Study

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