Joe’s Bleachers

Chicago Cubs fans are some of the most diehard in baseball, steadfastly adoring their team in the face of over 100 years of close calls, near misses, and, well, epic failures. Like a dog on a bone (or a Chi-town cop with a donut) they refuse to let go of their grip on hope. We gave them something else to love about the Cubs, some branded content in the name of Joe Schlombowski — a Cubs fanatic who calls it like he sees it, pours Old Style on his corn flakes, and named his black labs Santo and Banks.

He’s found at Joe’s Bleachers, his Web home which is currently under renovation, and takes its design cues from Wrigley Field’s original man-powered scoreboard. The site will re-launch in 2015 in time for Spring Training and just another rebuilding year. New for this version will be unique social engagement capabilities and live game commentary from Joe himself.


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