The folks in Dr. Werner’s office contacted us hoping to promote their skilled surgeon and his practice, without using the namesake … as the good doctor didn’t feel comfortable over-promoting his name. 

One Degree interviewed patients and employees alike to learn what makes Dr. Werner not only a world-class urologist, but universally beloved by his patients. The insight — that Dr. Werner and his team shepherd their patients through the emotional maze of sexual dysfunction and infertility with great success and kindness — led us to recommend a new logo and use of the (current) lab name “Maze” to brand the overall practice.  

We designed this lyrical marque to reinforce the group’s efficacy in delivering the ultimate goal of sexual health care — rewarding human interactions. The intertwining ribbon-like forms evoke the image of an embracing couple, and are not unlike a DNA strand, underscoring the scientific foundation of their care. Color provides other visual cues, and is used to represent the breadth of specialties within the practice.


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