Maze Cord Blood

Banking cord blood and cord tissue is expensive. And, considering this is one product you hope to never use, it’s a dicey proposition.

Thus our challenge was to create a marketing site chock-full of relevant information that instilled both confidence (in Maze) and caution (for their future offspring). Then, we wanted to serve it up in a streamlined fashion for those who just happened to wait until they were on the way to the delivery room to purchase. (No kidding! It’s amazing how important these things become when the idea of the new baby gets real.) 

Finally, we were challenged to build a secure environment for a pretty hefty e-commerce transaction that kicked off a multi-step process of contracts, medical intake forms, coupon validation, and customer communications — which could then be stored and easily retrieved from totally secure data storage.

Just several months since launch, the increase in visitor conversion rates has already justified the investment.

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