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In theory, a company rebranding is done in a thorough fashion, with all the business assets and opportunities in play simultaneously. But, as we know, reality doesn’t always work that way. 


We first engaged with the highly-regarded medical director of the Maze group, Dr. Michael Werner, to rebrand his first and original business unit, a medical practice specializing in men’s sexual and reproductive health. We began our process — fielding customer research, interviewing internal stakeholders — and quickly discovered the truth of their brand: namely, that Dr. Werner’s passion for family had organically led him, over time, to expand the group to include another unit dedicated to women’s sexual health. And, while the internal team was laser-focused on keeping the groups distinct (out of sensitivity to the patients’ needs), we saw the opportunity for creating a larger, more holistic footprint in the Northeast, by unifying the identity of the groups … including Dr. Werner’s in-house laboratory, and even their cord blood bank. 

While clearly separate in terms of customers, life-stage, and business models (Cord Blood is an e-commerce transaction), all of the Maze divisions had at their core a commitment to supporting the most important and intimate relationships. 


We designed this lyrical logotype to reinforce the group’s pursuit of rewarding human interactions. The intertwining, ribbon-like forms evoke the image of an embracing couple or parent and child, and are not unlike a DNA strand, underscoring the scientific foundation of their care. Color provides other visual cues, and is used to represent the breadth of specialties within the practice.

Build out of the brand materials and websites for each division occurred over time … with Maze Cord Blood being the most recent, and going live in October 2016. Four sites, end-to-end patient and partner collateral, online and print advertising, plus custom development of a HIPAA-compliant workflow management system made for a substantial investment by this regional medical center.


As Dr. Werner and his CFO will attest, there has been a direct and steady increase in new patient appointments of between 20—30% for each division as they came online with the new brand. Today, for, time spent is up, bounce rates are down, and enrollment conversion has begun to rise just as expected.

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