There once was a family-run design and build construction company called Mediterraneo Design & Build. But after almost 20 years, and the great economic collapse of 2008, their new leadership was ready to reassess their identity and business strategy.

They’d had recent success winning projects by collaborating with local architects. Thus, they were exploring whether or not to continue the design side of their business. Our answer was to ask architects, past clients and current prospects. Extensive one-on-one research led us to a subtle but significant insight; If the company wanted to do business with sophisticated architects but still keep the door open to design and build jobs, they should focus on their leading strength — construction — while couching it in their sensitivity to high-end design.

Rather than discard the name, and the 20 years of equity that came with it, our recommendation was to simply remove the “&” from “Design & Build” and create, in essence, a new category: that of design builders. In other words, contractors who understand and commit to achieving an architect’s vision and home owner’s dream, and work accordingly.

The far more significant implication was for the company’s imagery. In order to walk the talk of a design-savvy outfit, entirely new branding was in order. Further, the new owners were relatively young, highly educated, and adventurous — personality traits that mirror their Silicon Valley prospects working at Apple, Google and the like. This thinking inspired a total brand overhaul including a new website, apparel, truck graphics, outdoor boards, even a porta-potty sign.

The sophisticated yet cheeky work quickly garnered attention from architects, prospects, and job site neighbors. Just the other day, one of the partners was approached as he got out of his Mediteranneo-branded van, and told, “Hey, you’re the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ guys. When I’m ready to re-do my house, I’m gonna call you.” Don’t believe us? Here’s what the CEO, Brian Emery, has to say.

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