Most folks find out just about everything on the Web these days, and that’s true in the Bay Area, too. So…why a traditional brochure? Well, we know our audience — somewhat older and affluent, and prone to taking evening and weekend strolls which — thanks to the weather — they can do year round in the Bay Area. We also know that when one remodel or ground-up project gets underway, it’s only a matter of time before there are 3 or 4 others in the same neighborhood. It made sense to us to get something in front of these folks, so MDB could at least make the list of builders to consider. We had brochure boxes engineered into the yard sign frames for this very purpose.

Designed to appeal to a fairly sophisticated audience, this simple yet elegant letter folded piece provides a synopsis of the MDB philosophy, and incorporates somewhat refined architectural and portrait imagery that underscores Mediterraneo’s brand essence.


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