In the world of Business Intelligence, hiring IBM is usually the safest bet. Yet our client Senturus, a mid-size data analytics consultancy, had the team and talent to go toe-to-toe with Big Blue. So, whenever Senturus could demonstrate their knowledge to prospects first-hand, business typically followed. Senturus knew they had the goods, they just didn’t have the marketing.

One Degree research validated their observations, and revealed that the company also had a leg up on the competition; namely that they didn’t over-promise. Nor did they make an already complex project even more complicated. We recommend a fresh brand proposition summarizing the very essence of what they do and how they do it: bringing clarity out of chaos. Our designers went to work on imagery, while our technical staff tackled the biggest opportunity,

The site had the potential to be a critical sales channel, both as an e-commerce engine for online and offline training, and a lead generation and maturation tool. Senturus already knew that free training was in high demand among their audience. Our brief was to update the site to improve organic search for such training, maximize lead sign-ups, and streamline subsequent e-commerce transactions. The redesign required sophisticated back-end integration with both marketing and sales software platforms, an e-commerce engine, and the conditioning of terabytes of training material. Not to mention a total overhaul of brand imagery and photography.

Launched in early ’14, the new site quickly outpaced historic performance metrics on all fronts. Unique visits more than doubled, the number of leads captured jumped 100% quarter vs. quarter, and anecdotal feedback on customer experiences is that the new site is a “home run.” Senturus finally had an image as sophisticated as its service. Now that’s an intelligent solution.

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