Senturus is a fast-growing business intelligence consulting practice. They had found that providing free or low-cost training to technical managers opened doors for new business. If they had the chance to demonstrate their chops, Senturus easily made the short-list for larger business intelligence assignments. is therefore a critical sales channel; it is both an e-commerce engine for online and offline training, as well as their number one tool for generating and maturing leads. Our brief was to build a new site that improved organic search, maximized lead sign-ups, and streamlined e-commerce transactions. The technical spec’s required sophisticated back-end integration with both marketing and sales software platforms, an e-commerce engine, and the conditioning of terabytes of training material. Not to mention a total overhaul of brand imagery and photography.

Launched in early ’14, the new site quickly outpaced historic performance metrics on all fronts. Unique visits more than doubled, the number of leads captured is up 100% quarter vs quarter, and anecdotal feedback on customer experiences is that the new site is a “home run.” Now that’s an intelligent solution.

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