Zane MacGregor is a sophisticated real estate brokerage in Palo Alto, California. They contacted One Degree with aspirations to update their image, which was showing its age. The previous logo was designed to communicate professionalism, akin to a law firm, and positioned them effectively versus early competition. Since, however, real estate has exploded on the Peninsula and, although Zane has been extremely successful, their image no longer represented leadership nor innovation… two characteristics highly valued by Peninsula home buyers.

Our charge was to maintain the professional tone while injecting authentic elements of energy, originality, and humanity. Using a classic san serif font, we designed a clean, welcoming logotype that extended the poise of the original, while also projecting the strength and confidence it lacked. We also recommended dropping MacGregor from the firm name as it was no longer relevant and difficult to spell correctly.

A comprehensive brand standards manual guides the brand expression, which includes a new website and a complete set of company and client marketing materials.


Website Design

Property Brochure

Corporate Brochure

Zane Case Study

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