In an arguably poetic twist of fate, One Degree has settled on the iconic Maynard Building as it’s new home in Seattle. A condensed lesson in this city’s underground history illustrates why.

Doctor David Swinson Maynard, or ‘Doc Maynard’ as he was known, like us, relocated to Seattle. (To us, that was a sign.) Good thing, too, because if he hadn’t, Seattle may still be known as Duwamps, the original name bestowed upon the area by a troupe of pioneers known as the Denny Party. A year later, in 1852, Maynard was able to convince the other townspeople to rename the city after his friend, the Duwamish tribe’s Chief Seattle. A big improvement, and one we see as a good omen (sign number 2), because in addition to all his other talents, this proved Maynard was a bonafide marketing genius; inherently understanding that “Seattle” would be much easier to promote to people back East than “Duwamps.”

The Duwamps Seahawks? That doesn’t really work.

Not that we believe in karma or the alignment of stars, but we took this as an indication that we should seriously consider the Maynard Building as a potential Seattle office.

Then magic happened. Turns out that, unlike the dedicated teetotaling Methodists of the Denny Party, Doc Maynard was a really, really heavy drinker. (Sign number 3.) And anyone even remotely familiar with “Mad Men” knows the Shakespeare-like poetry in that. Furthermore, the good Doctor believed that vice was one of the most effective industries in a frontier town, and is credited with helping to build Seattle’s first casino, saloon and brothel. (Sign number 4.) Again, the phrase ‘marketing genius’ comes to mind.

In the end, the signs pointing us toward the Maynard Building were simply too numerous to ignore, thus, effective April 15th, 2015, One Degree Brand Chemistry will open for business in Seattle, specializing in brand positioning, re-invention, and design for business growth.

One Degree Brand Chemistry
119 1st Avenue South, Suite 270
Seattle WA 98104