All the data points to the vitality of online and mobile video viewing on non-TV devices. Online video is expected to make up 80% of global Internet use by 2019, with US video consumption topping 85%. And, over 33% of US adults already watch video on non-TV devices.*

But with the increasing “use” of video … are marketers getting the full bang for their buck? Between “sound off” and skipping, crafting attention-grabbing content is as important as ever. Our advice: 

1. Make sure your video not only makes sense but also provokes interest even with the sound off. Users are in control so be sure they want to hear what you have to say.

2. A flick of the finger and viewers are gone. Digital video demands that we engage viewers within the first few seconds. If you have a celebrity or offer, put it up front. In other words, don’t bury the lead.

Of course, if you have built a brand that your audience is passionate about, they are likely to watch as long as they know it’s from you. But either way, that’s the secret: if we create a connection — a message that is meaningful to your customers — they will pay attention. And, when it’s fun to watch, they’ll pass it on. And, if it’s both relevant AND entertaining, we may just create the next viral sensation.

* Sources:

Online video is predicted to make up 80% of global Internet use by 2019, according to a Cisco report, a jump from last year’s estimate of 67%. China and the U.S. will be the top using countries, with 85% of the U.S.’ IP traffic monopolized by video. BizReport (6/14/15)

Already over 1/3 of US adults watch video on a non-TV device. BizReport (6/2/15)